Automated Data Collection Tools for Your Business

NameDrop’s unique form-building capabilities and QR code-enabled systems help businesses improve and automate their departments with faster and more accurate data collection.

Clients, customers, employees, and vendors can easily fill out your forms using the free NameDrop mobile app, and their data will flow right into your CRM system instantly. Reap the benefits of automated data entry!

The NameDrop App can be used at nearly any type of establishment that collects customer information through forms or web pages.

Using their own mobile device, your customers can complete your form and deliver it straight into your desired platform.

If you’re tired of bad data and the costs that go with it, our automation form-filling applications for businesses are for you.

What Automation can do for Business

Error Free Record Maintenance
Hassle Free Info Sharing Environment
Ease to update or change a field or form again.

The NameDrop Solution
for Businesses

Our desktop and web-based application makes it easy for you to create forms that your customers can easily fill out on their smartphones.

Because NameDrop auto-populates the mobile user’s basic info into your forms, your customers will save time not having to type or re-enter their details over and over again.

You can log in to the desktop and web apps to see what was shared. Or better yet, go to your CRM and see the data there!

How Businesses Use NameDrop

Create a new form

Select fields to add to your form.

Add your own custom fields

Open text, dropdowns, radio buttons, and check more than one option boxes.

Request signatures and attachments

Customers can send an e-signature and attach images and documents to your form.

Print QR code and put on display

Every form created comes with a QR code. Your customers can scan the QR code using the NameDrop app to fill out your form.

See the data

Data shared instantly goes to the business’s CRM, or they can check xtab to see the completed forms from your customers. Download into Excel and CSV formats.

Analyze the data

Access your dashboard and see relevant stats about your data.

Additional Benefits for Businesses

Automation for Any Form-Filling Situation

View All Data in One Platform 

Fewer Manhours Invested in Management of Data 

Analytics to Help Make Better Decisions

Greater Customer Satisfaction with Time Savings and Automation

How Your Customers Use NameDrop

Download the app for free from the App and Play Stores

Scan the QR code that is associated with your business’s form

User’s details auto-populate into the form

Press send!

Check Your CRM or desktop application to see the data that was shared with you

Quick connect to automate the legacy processes!

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