A New Lead Retrieval Method

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A New Lead Retrieval Method

Is Resisting Change Hurting Your Trade Show? A New Lead Retrieval Method Can Help

Our lead capture app NameDrop will increase sales for your trade show vendors without the usual hassle associated with changing the way you do things. Seeing NameDrop turn from a concept into reality has been one of our greatest joys in 2017, and the positive feedback we’ve received from businesses who’ve used our app for conferences and used our app for events has us excited about the future. Here’s why it will be a joy for you too:

Our app is win-win. Your vendors’ potential customers will love it because NameDrop will autofill forms; your vendors will love it because they’ll receive quality data sent by the mobile user, and you’ll love it because you’ll be offering a value-add to your exhibitors without having to rent those pricey badge scanners.

There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain. Contact us today for more information on NameDrop, an unrivaled lead retrieval tool.

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