How Automation Improves the Employee On-Boarding Experience

///How Automation Improves the Employee On-Boarding Experience

How Automation Improves the Employee On-Boarding Experience

Day 1 or the On-boarding day is the make or break day for the newly-joined employee.

He or she has so many aspirations within the organization, his role, his managers, his growth. These aspirations become partly dashed for all when the HR gives a series of forms to fill and a series of documents to be attached in hard copy.

We all have gone through this rigorous process to filling same information on different forms again and again. Isn’t it?

So, what should the HR department do in order to avoid it and make better environment for the new joiner employee?

Well the answer lies in Automation. Why not create an environment of automation with technology to ensure all these daunted tasks are taken care of within seconds and the main agenda can be focused on.

Let’s see how automation will improve the employee on-boarding experience.

  1. No more paper forms, so more time saved for better tasks – Automation enables the organization to move away from paper forms. All forms can be automated, scanned and filled leaving more time for the HR and the new joiner employee to make constructive discussions.
  2. Less typo’s and errors, more secured way– Since everything is to be captured electronically, is leaves no room for typo’s and error or again and again filling same form. The data is stored in a well secured environment making it redundant to loss. No more files to be maintained for records.
  3. No need to carry bulk of documents – With a bulk of proofs required as part of the process, the new joiner employee doesn’t have to carry all this in hard copy format. He can just have them saved in soft format in his mobile and done. Attach when needed.
  4. Digital signature a boon – Digital Signature lets the employee sign a document electronically, validating their identity and ensuring the document isn’t altered after approval. It also ensures the documents are well verified to best of his knowledge.
  5. Better connect with the organization – All this comfort leads to better experiences for the new joiner and in turn impacts his loyalty towards the organization and in turns get the organization best referrals in the industry. Word of mouth is just too strong.

Our Take on this

Let your employees engage with you in better automated paperless ways to ensure they feel connected without having to worry about tireless exchange of information.

NameDrop can help

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