Badge Scanner for Trade Shows

//Badge Scanner for Trade Shows

Badge Scanner for Trade Shows

Badge Scanners for Trade Shows: On Their Way Out

Collecting data at trade shows is a hassle. Most decide renting badge scanners for trade shows is the way to go, but badge scanners are expensive to rent and can be frustrating to use. If the expense and pain is too much, what then? Printed forms?

You and your vendors may complain about bad data because someone scribbled their details on one of your sign-up sheets. Their info is so illegible, you’ll have no way to follow up with them. Bad handwriting on the sign-up sheet means struggling to enter a phone number or email into your CRM system or hiring someone to do the job, but then you’ll worry about their typos.

There is a better way to collect data accurately and efficiently, use the new free app called NameDrop.

NameDrop is our free mobile trade show app that autofills forms, saving users time and you time. By tapping a phone to a NameDrop sign we provide, the app will auto-populate your form with information a user enters once and once only. It’s a win-win. Everyone will benefit because info is received instantly and accurately.

By featuring the NameDrop app at your show, you’ve made it easier for you and your potential customers to connect. A faster exchange of information means more time spent turning leads into sales.

There is no need to waste time entering the details into your system, and no need to waste money hiring someone to enter it. The app does it all for you. Bridal expos throughout Southern California have added value at their events with faster exchange of info through the NameDrop app – you can too.

To see how NameDrop can help your next show, visit our contact page.

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