Data Security – a Necessity for All Businesses

///Data Security – a Necessity for All Businesses

Data Security – a Necessity for All Businesses

In this modern era we live in, businesses are sitting on piles of information and data. Customer data in particular is the most valuable business asset.

Data can be the key to growth and success, as all important directives and strategies are made from it.

The security of your data, therefore, must be a top priority within your organization. It needs to be protected from unauthorized access to prevent it from being tampered with, destroyed or disclosed to others.

The security of data can be breached in several ways, for example theft (online/offline), inappropriate usage by unauthorized access or viruses.

The effects of a data security breach can be catastrophic, not just in terms of the affecting the overall operations, but also the potential long-term damage to your reputation, as your customers’ data will be at stake.

What Really Is at Risk?

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Your information – e.g. client lists, customer databases, your financial details, your customers’ financial details, deals you are making or considering, your pricing information, product designs or manufacturing processes.

Implement Your Plans

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To reduce the risk to your business, put the following security controls in place:

  1. Malware protection: install anti-virus solutions on all systems and keep your software and web browsers up to date. Create a policy governing when and how security updates should be installed.
  2. Network security: increase protection of your networks, including wireless networks, against external attacks through the use of firewalls, proxies, access lists and other measures.
  3. Secure configuration: maintain an inventory of all IT equipment and software. Identify a secure standard configuration for all existing and future IT equipment used by your business. Change any default passwords.
  4. Managing user privileges: restrict staff and third-party access to IT equipment, systems and information to the minimum required. Keep items physically secure to prevent unauthorized access.
  5. Removable media: restrict the use of removable media such as USB drives, CDs, DVDs and secure digital cards, and protect any data stored on such media to prevent data being lost and malware from being installed.
  6. Monitoring: monitor use of all equipment and IT systems, collect activity logs, and ensure that you have the capability to identify any unauthorized or malicious activity.

If you use third-party managed IT services, make sure you have proper contracts and service level agreements to ensure that whoever handles your systems and data has proper security controls in place to protect your data. Also, ensuring the systems are GDPR compliant or are covered under the Personal Data Protection Bill will add further protection and increase customers’ and clients’ trust in your organization .

Our Take on This

We believe data security can be handled in 3 important steps.

Plan, Educate & SecureData Security_Data Privacy_GDPR_Businesses_Startup_NameDropApp

  1. Plan – Looking at the growing number of cases of data thievery, every business must make data security a priority.
  2. Educate – You need to consider areas in your business where security may be lacking, and then educate yourself on the best possible solutions to fix the issue.
  3. Secure – Once you have a great solution in mind & it suits your objectives, have it secure your data at the earliest. The costs should not be looked as merely an expense, but as an appreciating asset.

NameDrop Can Help

Driven by “enhancing your customer experience”, NameDrop is here to revolutionize how people can securely share information with businesses, trade shows and conferences , allowing individuals to fill out forms at the press of a button. We are the primary way in which businesses and people share structured data.

Being one of the early GDPR-compliant services, our mission is to provide an easy, fast & secure platform for sharing information between people & enterprise systems.

      NameDrop’s automated data collection solutions make it easier
for businesses to securely capture & share information.

Want to see how NameDrop works?

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