Ways to Make Employees Your Brand Advocates

//Ways to Make Employees Your Brand Advocates

Ways to Make Employees Your Brand Advocates

In this ever-changing world, your business constantly looks at multiple ways of influencing others to be brand advocates. However, we seldom do think of our own employees as brand advocates, right?

Employees have an incredible potential to extend the brand’s reach, and recommendations or word of mouth from employees can help a lot in attracting new clients, customers and of course, exceptional talent to join your organization.

Now that you’re hopefully opening up to the idea, let’s see how you can enable employees to be your brand advocates.

1. Automate the new employee onboarding experience – Make it easier for those to join your organization. In a country like India, for example, having an easy onboarding experience for a new employee is a great way for this person to have a better perception of the organization. Known in India as the “Day of Joining”, the new hire is welcomed to the company with a formal celebration, and a good first welcome, which includes a seamless onboarding process, goes a long way in creating brand advocates within the organization.

With tech, you can automate some of the new employee’s otherwise mundane onboarding tasks and make him or her part of the family in a better-connected way. He or she will  hopefully always remember such an experience and be an advocate for the company.

2. Use tech to disseminate your business details too rather than just work info – Don’t just use an in-house communication system to disseminate tasks. You need to provide team members with important business information. They should how the business is doing and what lies ahead or has already happened, be it opportunities or threats, successes or failures.  Keeping your team in the loop can also help the team stay more connected to carrying out the business’s objectives.

3. Provide technology to do away with repetitive tasks; focus on growth – Apps, CRMs, marketing automation tools, ERPs etc., don’t look at all of these as just costs. Think of these tools as ways to enable better performance and to focus on company growth. Employees will appreciate being provided with the tools to be more efficient and productive, and that is something they may wish to share about your organization.

4. Share your employee’s hard work – Use internal (email, chat systems, etc.) and external (social media platforms) mediums also to spread your employee’s hard work. They’ll feel proud when you boast of their success to the rest of the world. Such positive feedback and reinforcement could make them become ardent brand advocates, supporting a company that supports them.

Our Take on This

Create an environment where employees feel they are your brand advocates, and they may help spread the word. With the power of employee brand advocates, you’ll outgrow your competition and establish more trust with the customers.

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