5 Common Forms All Businesses Should Automate

///5 Common Forms All Businesses Should Automate

5 Common Forms All Businesses Should Automate

With the advancement of technology taking place every hour, automating the “most used” forms should be a priority for any business that still uses manual processes or physical forms for everyday tasks. Turning a manual form into an automated form not only saves time, it also cuts down on human error rates and can be stored in digital format ensuring quick retrieval when required.  Also, this ensures secured way of data collection and storage.

Let’s see the 5 common forms all businesses should automate.

1. Employee On boarding FormsEmployee_Onboarding_NameDropApp_19Feb

When a new employee is on boarded, he has to go through a series of forms all asking to fill almost the same fields. Automating employee on boarding forms makes the first day at work much less daunting, particularly if the forms can be completed in an automated manner even before reaching the office. Plus, it leaves more time for better connect and more crucial things to cover as on boarding process by HR.

2. Employee Performance ReviewsEmployee_Performance_Appraisal_NameDropApp_19Feb

Keeping employee performance reviews secure and easily reviewable is one of the primary benefits of automating employee review forms. It ensures well documented format to keep a track of employee performance all throughout and not ask him to manually answer the self-evaluation aspects.


3. Vendor on boarding & invoicingVendor_Onboarding_NameDropApp_19Feb

A manual, paper-based vendor on boarding is potential for error, time taking for sales team and also frustrated experience for the new vendor. Not only the information which are crucial like PAN no/GST no can be error prone when manual entered, it can also result in wrong invoices getting punched. Automated purchase orders eliminate all of these problems, leaving a better controlled environment with the vendor partners.


4. Expense reporting

Expense Reporting can be a real chore but automating it – particularly mobile-friendly – can speed things along for everyone involved. Misplacing or inflated receipts is a thing of the past, and an automated process means employees can be accountable and reimbursed promptly.


5. Customer Feedback & SurveysCustomer_Feedback_Survey_NameDropApp_19Feb

We always need feedback form our customers or need to survey them in order to better connect with them and their needs. Tallying up paper-based process is messy, time-consuming, frustrating for customers to fills and sometimes inaccurate, but when you automate the process, you can have better control on the info you need with minimal interaction from the customer end.

Our Take on this

The future of any industry or function lies in holding the arms of automation. You do not need hefty sums of money or be technically very advanced to have one of the numerous technologies available in the market, implemented at your business. All you need is to understand the power of automation and how this will benefit you, your employees, & your customers in the long run making more time for meaningful connect.

NameDrop can help

NameDrop is driven by “enhancing your customer experience”.

NameDrop is here to revolutionize how people can “securely” share information with any form of businesses or fill forms at the click of a button. We are the primary way in which businesses and people share structured data.

Being one of the early GDPR-compliant services, our mission is to provide an easy, fast & secure platform for sharing information between people & enterprise systems.


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