How Automation in Data Collection Helps All Businesses

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How Automation in Data Collection Helps All Businesses

Data Collection Has Always Been a Priority Business Process

As business advances into the digital age and tackle the vagaries of reshaping business processes to increase success, they need to reevaluate how they access their data and their methodology of data collection.

Finding a data collection & processing technology that is scalable is also an ongoing challenge. Manual workers and legacy systems lack the scalability needed to maintain low costs and high data quality when volumes escalate to millions of documents.

Lots of businesses spend millions of dollars giving humans the repetitive and tedious task of entering, into legacy back-end systems, the customer information they have collected from forms, faxes, e-mails and other documents.

The most common cause of data inaccuracy is human error, which often produces information that is not in good order, which in turn, compromises analytics.

Why Data Collection Is Important

  1. It improves ability to react effectively to its customers’ and prospects’ requests, thereby enhancing the customer experience, retention and growth.
  2. It enables advanced analytics, which increases the speed and quality of business insights.
  3. It decreases cost of increasing operational efficiencies.

Many steps are needed before the rich rewards of well collected data can be reaped.

Of these, choosing the right data collection technology for your organization is one of the most important. Best-fit technology yields the best results. And above all, this technology should be GDPR-compliant to ensure security of data.

Our Take on This

When considering data collection technologies, which are abundant in the market, businesses should ask themselves a few key questions to help identify if a change is warranted, and if so, to help guide the decision on where to start:

Do you have difficulty determining the quality, type, and amount of data in your legacy system, due to disparate or fragmented silos or inaccessibility?

Are you using your legacy data as effectively as possible to update business processes, improve internal and customer facing experiences and gain market share?

How much manual data entry is required to achieve accuracy targets?

What are the most critical forms from a business intelligence & customer centric experience which definitely need automation? Is my data safe if I use an automated technology?

Once these questions have been answered, the need will have been identified. The business will be well on its way to changing how quickly it is able to get to a high-quality, structured, digital data set, which in turn will enable a much stronger ability to predict, react and achieve.

NameDrop Can Help

NameDrop is driven by “enhancing your customer experience”.

We are here to revolutionize how people can securely share information with businesses, trade shows, and conferences, allowing their clients and attendees to fill out forms at the press of a button. We are the primary way in which businesses and people share structured data.

For many brands, adopting “automation” in their day-to-day operations is a daunting challenge. NameDrop not only brings automation together, but it also provides you with new ways to discover and manage the customer journey.

Our mission is to provide an easy, fast & secure platform for sharing information between people and enterprise systems.

Businesses and institutions can use NameDrop to streamline the collection of form data into their CRM and sales systems, reducing the need for error-prone manual data entry.

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