How Sales Reps Doing Manual Data Entry Hurts Your Business

//How Sales Reps Doing Manual Data Entry Hurts Your Business

How Sales Reps Doing Manual Data Entry Hurts Your Business

Despite the groundbreaking technological advancements in the 21st century, not all businesses have kept up with the rapid developments. Even in the year 2019, one can still find sales reps at a company doing manual data entry in regards to their work with prospective clients.

The data manually entered into a database or CRM system is usually in the form of notes about their calls with prospects, entering details about a prospect’s contact information, and managing tasks, reminders, or appointments.

Simply put, these practices are costing your business precious time and money, and just accepting these procedures as a “cost of doing business” should not be accepted.

Let’s explore where things can potentially go wrong.

Why Your Sales Reps Shouldn’t Be Dealing with Manual Data Input

1. Typos, errors and missing data pieces

Manual data entry is almost inevitable for anyone involved in the process.

With repetitive tasks, incorrect or missing details are might as well be a given.

And with a dull and boring tasks, one is more easily able to lose focus on the task at hand. Over a period of time, a few errors here and there can add up, the costs to a company are unknown, or worse, limitless.

2. Wrong planning or strategies

Since the data entered is filled with errors and missing pieces, you are bound to not only have incorrect information, but you may reach misleading conclusions about the customers. In those cases, the strategies or planning done using this inaccurate data would be a worthless effort.

3. Sales reps not actually selling

Of course, the more time that your sales reps spend doing manual data entry, the less time they have available for selling. The time they spend on doing this manual work is not the best use of their time. While having good data to work with is important, getting out there and selling is what ultimately generates revenue. When your sales reps are spending a significant portion of their time entering and cleaning up data, they might as well be called part-time sales reps.

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