HR Automation – Collab technology with Human Intervention

///HR Automation – Collab technology with Human Intervention

HR Automation – Collab technology with Human Intervention

HR Automation or Automation of HR is not just technical advancement but also a behavioral advancement. The quality of automation not only leave more time to be spent on other activities but also serve as a connect between the employees and the safeguard – HR.

Allowing HR tools to handle the mundane tasks associated with human management means that modern HR departments are being freed up to assume a more strategic role in their organizations.

Adoption of HR related automation is increasingly becoming a standard practice across many industries, ensuring the value of “Connect” is still a click away.

The next underlying question is – what all HR processes can be automated

1. OnboardingOnboarding_NameDropApp_28Jan2019

Onboarding is a time-consuming process that involves the filling and signing of numerous forms, contracts, orientation, training and all the other basic functions that can eat into a HR professional’s day. Also, it frustrates the employee to fill all such information again and again. Automating the admin aspects of onboarding gives new employees a streamlined introduction to the company.

A personal dashboard can let them input everything from their personal information to their bank details. They can also access training videos, checklists and organizational information so they can hit the ground running on their first day.

2. Performance AppraisalsPerformance_Appraisal_NameDropApp_29Jan2019

Not only does Automation makes it easier for management to identify areas of concern, it can provide more accurate evaluations for employees and make it easier to identity whether targets have been met. This type of metric-driven review can significantly increase employee engagement and performance.


3. CommunicationCommunication_NameDropApp_28Jan2019

Imagine a well-connected world of management & employees. All information seamlessly distributed with active participation and also staying united as a family. Thats the power automation can bring in.


4. Time Sheet TrackingTimesheet_NameDropApp_28Jan2019

Automated timesheets removes the need for manual tracking and increases the efficiency of the process. It reduces the chances of mistakes, miscalculated hours and the need for subsequent validation.

Not only does it speed up the collection and validation process, it also removes the need for HR personnel to manually update an employee’s records. Employees can track their time from any location using any devices, and the information is immediately updated in the system.

5. PayrollPayroll_NameDropApp_28Jan2019

Payroll is a secured part of HR life where it must be compliance oriented plus has to pull together information from a number of legacy systems. Having one secured HR automation and payroll system can remove a significant amount of admin work for HR professionals.


Our Take on this

Automation in HR is a requisite for all the businesses of date. It not only ensure seamless flow of data, but also saves a lot of time for both employee and HR department which they can utilize for better productive tasks. It also adds on to creating a cleaner, error free & most updated way for bulk of data HR department must process to ensure smooth execution.

NameDrop can help

NameDrop is driven by “Enhancing your Customer Experience”. NameDrop is here to revolutionize how people can “Securely” share information with Businesses/Trade shows/Conferences or fill forms at a click. We are the primary way in which businesses and people share structured data.

We are a GDPR-compliant service, and our mission is to provide an easy, fast & secure platform for sharing information between people & enterprise systems.


NameDrop’s automated data collection solutions make it easier
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