Human Resources Management Systems Are Great, But They Can’t Do It All

//Human Resources Management Systems Are Great, But They Can’t Do It All

Human Resources Management Systems Are Great, But They Can’t Do It All

Technology has delivered new products that can help streamline processes for any department in an organization, allowing capacity to focus on higher-value tasks at hand. For human resources departments, the benefit has come in the form of an HRMS, or a Human Resource Management System.

If you talk with HR personnel, they could tell you that many activities, from managing employees’ information to  payroll, from leave management to onboarding, are all  of an HRMS. However, HR personnel  could also tell you that onboarding is not very functional.

Even with some of the best HRMS in place, which perform brilliantly in helping with many important tasks in HR, these systems do not perform relatively as well on when it comes to onboarding.

Let’s explore where things could potentially go wrong, and why you may need a helping hand with your HRMS.

Why Your HRMS Can’t Do Everything

1. You Still Have Manual Forms to Collect Employee Data

You may have forms that are filled out by hand to collect important information about employees, but that data has to be inputted into the human resources management system somehow.

Ideally, your onboarding should be an automated process, where the employee can just fill out the data, and the data can auto-populate into the system. The goal would be not to fill out forms by hand again and again, and the ability to share high-quality data instantly without pen and paper.

2. Somebody Still Has to Do Manual Data Entry into the HRMS

With the employees’ data collected through manual forms, if someone has to manually enter that data into the HRMS , then the whole purpose of HRMS goes for a toss. The data should be integrated with an HRMS through an automated route, avoiding the high possibility for typos and missing data.

3. Employee Pre-Boarding Exercises Can’t Run, and All Approvals Are Still Done by Email

If the pre-boarding exercise can’t be run because your HRMS doesn’t have the functionality to scale, then you are at a loss. Job candidates want a seamless experience once they join an organization, with all pre-boarding processes done during the notice period.

Also, when it comes to hiring a new employee, you have to get approval from the hiring manager, and you still have to send emails each time rather than using the HRMS. You need a system which enable all steps fully completed within its architecture.

NameDrop Can Help

NameDrop is driven by enhancing your employee experience.

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