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Lead Capture with NameDrop

Trade Show Exhibitors Will Embrace Lead Capture with NameDrop

It’s not a secret that lead capture is hard to get when using traditional pen and paper forms. An event conference app like NameDrop is a great value-add for your show. Your exhibitors will love it too, and they’ll hop onboard once they’re presented a clear picture of how much easier NameDrop will make their jobs.

To ensure your exhibitors get the maximum benefit from NameDrop, here are some helpful tips:

Build Awareness

As event organizer, you get to be the hero. Show them how easy NameDrop is and if you need talking points, we’re here to help.

  • When they sign up for your show, let them know that NameDrop is a trade show lead capture app that makes data collection easy. All the exhibitors have to do is place a NameDrop sign that will be provided to them prominently on their table so that attendees can tap their phone to the sign and share their info quickly. After the show, the exhibitors will get that (very accurate) data from NameDrop.
  • Even after exhibitors sign up for the trade show, remind them in your email updates that NameDrop is a complimentary service!
  • Though some people will have their own ways for lead collection, remind them that having an extra source to capture leads can only help them. There’s no downside!

Give Them Time

  • NameDrop is new to the scene, and people need time to become familiar with what the app can do for them.
  • Give them time to learn more and to answer questions. Send them to our website and social media channels for helpful videos.
  • A best-case scenario is when exhibitors come to your show fully aware of what NameDrop does and are looking forward to using the app to generate more leads.

Emphasize the Benefits

As you are providing a value-add in NameDrop, it’s in your best interest that the exhibitors take full advantage. Here’s a list of exciting benefits:

  • This is a mobile conference app that enables vendors to receive accurate data instantly.
  • There’s no need to rent those expensive trade show badge scanners when the mobile app is free for attendees to download and the NameDrop service is already offered to the exhibitor when they sign up for your show.
  • The exhibitors don’t have to do any extra work to collect leads. All they have to do is place the NameDrop sign on their table and let the attendees to tap their phones to the sign to share their info. They’ll never lose a lead.
  • That’s it!

If you need additional resources when introducing the app to the exhibitors, please refer to other sections of our website for helpful videos.

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