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NameDrop Security

NameDrop was designed from the ground up to employ the most robust security measures.

Key elements of NameDrop’s security:

You’re data is only on your phone – All of your data is only stored locally, on your phone. It is encrypted and you protect access to it with a PIN which only you know. It is not “in the cloud”. What does this mean? You control who has access to your data. Since it is only on your phone, No mass stealing of your confidential information.

Encryption – We use Symantec TLS encryption for the data at rest on your phone and during transport between our server and the end business. We do not decrypt the information. NameDrop does not “see” the information has been shared. If the connection is broken between the business and your phone and you are attempting to share your info, your info may stay on our server waiting to be sent on to the business, but it is never decrypted.

Field level control – When you are sharing your info, you decide down to the field level what you are will to share. If you do not want to share a particular field, simply deselect it.

To share, you must act – In order to share your info, you must take an action. This may be tapping your phone to a NameDrop enabled sign, entering a NameDrop code in to the app or letting a business know your security code if you want to share while on the phone. Someone cannot randomly request info from you.

Awareness of who is asking for your information – For requests of information, businesses must identify themselves to the mobile phone user. Business users of NameDrop are required to identify their company and the person requesting the information. They will be identified by their logo and by the name of the person making the request. All requests are saved so that you have a history of who you have shared what information with.

NameDrop makes it easy to instantly, securely and confidentially share your information with businesses. Ultimately, you decide who to share it with.

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