Why paperless Client Onboarding is best for your business

///Why paperless Client Onboarding is best for your business

Why paperless Client Onboarding is best for your business

Paperless Client onboarding is the need of the hour for all Businesses. In today’s age, not only is it necessary to have a great product, but it is equally important to keep the client engaged forever.

The traditional process of onboarding not only employs a tremendous amount of time and cost, but also a huge amount of same information been filled numerous times.

With the rise of automation, this process can be replaced by Paperless mode with the same objective of getting info from the client, but it takes cares of mundane, tiring and frustrating way of getting it.

Paperless Client onboarding is the new preferred way because of the following reasons:

1. No Manual WorkNo_Manual_NameDropApp_7Mar2019 – Automated systems remove the manual work, for your staff from creating the form, to getting the responses to storing the info into spreadsheets & printing them to create a physical copy. More focus can be deployed on ways to connect better with clients.



2. Heightened Client ExperienceHappy_Client_NameDropApp_7Mar2019 – Not only does automated way remove the mundane tasks, but also in turn enhances the satisfaction client’s get in terms of better connected to your business. No Multiple exchange for same information yet getting the best services.



3. Cost-effective measureCost_effective_NameDropApp_7Mar2019 –  You do not have to print tons of forms to collect the info for onboarding. You end up saving the environment but also, the typo’s or form miss out can be avoided.



4. Better Responses to survey’s/feedback’sSurvey_NameDropApp_7Mar2019 – Since the whole process get automated, client responses to your survey increases. This helps you better serve the client better day by day.





5. Increased RevenueRevenue_NameDropApp_7Mar2019 – With the advancement of technology, your prospective clients prefer to stick to those who use technology. Especially with the growth of Millennial’s audience, its best to have an automated paperless onboarding experience to tap them and increase the revenue.



Our Take on this

Engage your prospects and client in better automated paperless way to ensure they feel connected without having to worry about tireless exchange of information.

NameDrop can help

NameDrop is driven by “enhancing your customer experience”.

NameDrop is here to revolutionize how people can “securely” share information with any form of businesses or fill forms at the click of a button. We are the primary way in which businesses and people share structured data.

Being one of the early GDPR-compliant services, our mission is to provide an easy, fast & secure platform for sharing information between people & enterprise systems.


NameDrop’s automated data collection solutions make it easier
for any industry to securely capture & share information.

Want to see how NameDrop works?

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