QR Codes – Where They Help Your Business

///QR Codes – Where They Help Your Business

QR Codes – Where They Help Your Business

QR codes have been there for a while now, but some businesses still aren’t able to figure out if they are of use to them. Well, the answer is a big “yes”.

QR Codes or Quick Response Codes are nothing but storing some info, numbers or an external link behind a QR image, enabling a seamless action item for those who scan it.

How a QR Code Can Help Your Business:

1. Onboarding Process – Imagine if there is a QR code placed at your table/desk/booth, and new prospects/attendees come by, scan the QR code, it auto-fills their info, and done! They are ready to be onboarded that much faster rather than filling forms with a pen. It enhances their experience and make them your brand advocates.

2. Registrations – Any registrations, including event registration, which involves masses, is bound to get faster and error free if done through QR code. Just put the registration form behind the QR image and you are done. You can also get a complete report too about the audience.

3. Attendance – Today, attendance can also be recorded through QR codes. Just provide unique QR codes to your employees/audience, and make it easier for them and less costly for you.

4. Marketing – It’s not uncommon to see promotional messages, i.e. “Fill out this form to get a discount coupon”. However, if there is a lot of manual form filling involved, people will be less likely to go after that discount coupon. With the scan of a QR code and use of an application that auto fills forms, less time is spent filling out the form, and consumers will more easily get those coupons.

5. Assets Tagging – Businesses have assets to keep watch of. If all of those assets are tagged with a QR code, you do not need to manually ascertain their location or availability.

6. Surveys & Feedback – It’s a lot easier for all to fill out a survey on their phone. Just place a QR code as a location where you want to capture the audience view or push a QR code to their phone, and you are done! The presence of a QR code also improves the response rates for the surveys.

Our Take on This

These are not the only cases but some of the very popular use case every business can use and make the life of their employees and customers a lot easier with an automated route enhancing their experience.

NameDrop Can Help

NameDrop is driven by “enhancing your customer experience”.

NameDrop is here to revolutionize how people can “securely” share information with any form of businesses or fill forms at the click of a button. We are the primary way in which businesses and people share structured data.

Being one of the early GDPR-compliant services, our mission is to provide an easy, fast & secure platform for sharing information between people & enterprise systems.


NameDrop’s automated data collection solutions make it easier
for any industry to securely capture & share information.

Want to see how NameDrop works?

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