6 Top Reasons to Do Away With Paper Forms for Your Business

///6 Top Reasons to Do Away With Paper Forms for Your Business

6 Top Reasons to Do Away With Paper Forms for Your Business

Paper forms are annoying, and they kill your time and creativity. Going paperless is easier than you think, and it’s better. Improve your life and your business and eliminate your paperwork headaches for good.

Why do away with Paper forms?

1. Enables better & more accurate informationNo_Paper_forms_NameDropApp_13March2019

Reading handwritten information on paper forms can be most difficult task for you.

By going paperless with mobile forms and apps, you don’t have worry about this anymore. Information is captured easily via phones and tablets, plus legitimate.

On top, you can capture more crucial information such as photos, Geo-location, scan QR codes, take signatures etc. to make more data available to you.

2. No More Lost Paperwork & losing Crucial DataLost_Data_Paper_forms_NameDropApp_13March2019

There have been instances at all businesses where survey data, client info data, invoices, work orders simply disappeared or get torn. It happens a lot more than you might believe.

With mobile apps and forms, there’s no paper forms to lose. The information you or your employees collect is captured digitally and available in real-time forever.

3. Don’t waste time manually re-entering DataNo_Manual_Entry_NameDropApp_13March2019

With advancement in technology, there’s no excuse to put up with the annoying task of manually re-entering data from paper forms into your computer system.

By going paperless and eliminating paperwork, information is automatically stored in the cloud and can be automatically routed to the appropriate people, groups or other software systems including CRM’s.

No more wasted time on data entry and other senseless administrative tasks.

4. Access Forms and Data anytime anywhere Cloud_Solution_NameDropApp_13March2019

With your information captured digitally and stored on the cloud, you can easily find what you’re looking for anytime, anywhere.

Data is accessible to make strategies while on the go or if you are out of your work location and need to enter a crucial data in form, all is possible.

5. Improves Data AccuracyData_Accuracy_NameDropApp_13March2019

Auto drop-down lists and completion guides with field-specific instructions ensure data is captured accurately and completely.

Auto-populated fields based on prior data entered ensures less time wasted re-entering it.

6. Realize a better and quick ROIROI_NameDropApp_13March2019

Automation of forms can be setup in short time making you go live pretty early with easy to use interface. Manual cost and paper costs get reduced, time efficiency get increased ensuring better ROI.




Our Take on this

Engage with your prospects, client’s data in better automated paperless way to ensure they feel connected without having to worry about tireless exchange of information.

NameDrop can help

NameDrop is driven by “enhancing your customer experience”.

NameDrop is here to revolutionize how people can “securely” share information with any form of businesses or fill forms at the click of a button. We are the primary way in which businesses and people share structured data.

Being one of the early GDPR-compliant services, our mission is to provide an easy, fast & secure platform for sharing information between people & enterprise systems.

NameDrop’s automated data collection solutions make it easier
for any industry to securely capture & share information.

Want to see how NameDrop works?

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