Top 3 Trade Show Problems Solved

//Top 3 Trade Show Problems Solved

Top 3 Trade Show Problems Solved

Though the benefits of NameDrop, our multi-purpose trade show app, are clear, we sometimes encounter apprehension or the common “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” reaction. Here are the top three reasons for these responses and how NameDrop solves them all.

1. Exhibitors assume nothing is broken, when in fact it is broken.

The pen and paper routine might look like it’s worked over the years, but it hasn’t, and it has resulted in lost leads. Why?

  • Messy handwriting on the forms makes it hard to read, resulting in worthless data.
  • Manually entering data from the paper forms into a computer is inherently a time-wasting and an error-prone exercise.
  • An exhibitor becomes a victim of its own success. When so many people are at a booth, others are turned away who would’ve shared their info but didn’t because there were too many people crowding the area to fill out the form.

Using the NameDrop app does away with both the paperwork and the errors. Info is exchanged instantly and accurately.

2. Exhibitors associate something new with change, which means inconvenience.

NameDrop is a new way to capture leads its true, but there is no inconvenience. The convenience is realized when they see how it works.

3. Exhibitors reach a conclusion before seeing how NameDrop works.

Once they see how this app conquers form auto fill, plus how fast and easy it is to receive an accurate list of leads, they’ll wish they had had NameDrop all along. These event planners tell all. How does it work?

Event planners download the app (it’s free!) and have signs (provided by NameDrop) prominently displayed at every exhibiting booth.

The trade show attendees open the app, tap their phone to the exhibitor’s sign, and the form appears and auto-populates. Then, the mobile user releases their info, and the form is filled out instantly!


How to Autofill Forms by Typing in a NameDrop Code:

The uncertainty stems from a lack of familiarity, but one thing is certain with NameDrop: when the unknown becomes known, the skeptics become believers.

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