Why the Trade Shows and Conferences Industry Need More Automated Processes

//Why the Trade Shows and Conferences Industry Need More Automated Processes

Why the Trade Shows and Conferences Industry Need More Automated Processes

Automated processes for events can deliver time- and cost-effective solutions
for trade show and conference organizers.

An event in itself is a complex task that requires a lot of multi-tasking. Back in 2014, and again in 2016, event coordinating has been ranked as one of the top 10 most stressful jobs, according to Forbes. The job consists of managing multiple aspects, from registrations to venue sourcing, from crowd-management to feedback and ROI measurement.

However, with advancements in technology, the event planning process can be a lot simpler and more efficient if you adopt new applications, software, devices, etc.

Reasons Why Trade Shows & Businesses Should Automate Their Event Processes

  1. Simplification:

The biggest advantage of automation is that various processes related to event planning are simplified.

Automation can help you can manage registration, ticketing, e-mail marketing campaigns, event promotion campaigns, etc., and it could all be done in one place.

Also, as the entire process is automated, one doesn’t really need to be all that tech-savvy to utilize event automation software and applications. It may require a basic walkthrough one time, but after that, all of the features of the software and you’re good to go!

  1. Time & Cost Effective:

Think of it this way: would you rather spend all your time and money on different tools for registrations, event website, event app, ticketing, etc. and pay each vendor separately? Or would you prefer if there is a tool provided to you with all the features in an integrated package with a fixed price?

A comprehensive event automation tool could do just that. The software does the work for you, thus freeing up time to take care of other things.

  1. Instant Customization:Trade Shows and Conferences_NameDrop

One misconception that event-planners may have at times is that event automation leaves no room for differentiation. In reality, however, the right event automation system will allow for customization.

Despite using the same features and themes, it is possible to add your own touch to every aspect of your event. Customization is instantaneous and quicker through an event automation software, as compared to traditional event management software. You can add your own color schemes, logos, images and details according to your liking.

  1. Comprehensive Database Generation:

Generating and maintaining a detailed and rich database for everything was almost next to impossible up until recently. A major benefit of an event automation software is that it can provide event analytics. The software facilitates the automatic creation of reports on every aspect that is integrated with it.

Take  event registrations, for example. Event planners can get an accurate and reliable attendee database with respect to the event registration form that was integrated with the site.

The event planners can easily track the progress of their events in terms of engagement and outreach using these event analytics. The data is also useful for preparing a proposal that is to be pitched to potential sponsors as well as speakers.

  1. Optimized Event Marketing:

Two of the major areas covered by event automation software when it comes to event marketing are e-mail marketing and social media promotion. Event automation makes event promotion and event marketing quite simple and convenient.

It is possible to schedule your mailers with a set template of the content that is to be sent through these e-mails. It also takes care of the social media updates that are to be posted.

Our Take on This

Event automation is an important component  for an event planner’s success. You can rely on the automation for registration, lead capturing surveys, etc. while freeing up your capacity to handle other things at the event. Also, such an application is not for one-time use; you can use it for any event. These solutions will definitely be welcomed by both your attendees and vendors.

NameDrop can help

NameDrop is driven by “enhancing your customer experience”. NameDrop is here to revolutionize how people can securely share information with businesses, trade shows, and conferences, doing so at the press of a button. We are the primary way in which businesses and people share structured data.

For many brands, adopting an automated system in their day-to-day operations is a daunting challenge. NameDrop not only brings automation together but provides you with the new ways to discover and manage the customer journey.

Our mission is to provide an easy, fast and secure platform for sharing information between people and enterprise systems.

Businesses and institutions can use NameDrop to streamline the collection of form data into their CRM and sales systems, reducing the need for error prone manual data entry.

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