How to Give Your Office Visitors a Fresh and New Way to Exchange Details

///How to Give Your Office Visitors a Fresh and New Way to Exchange Details

How to Give Your Office Visitors a Fresh and New Way to Exchange Details

When it comes to handling visitors at large offices, many companies require visitors to register and fill out their information before they can enter the office to visit a specific employee (or employees). It’s a very manual process.

Sometimes the process takes too long long, accompanied by receptionist calls to said employee(s) to confirm the visitor’s entry, which can take several more minutes.

It’s a surprisingly time-wasting experience, and it can be frustrating for visitors having to have to fill out details manually every time, as well as frustrating for the receptionists and administrative assistants to have enter those details into their systems .

Imagine if a visitor could scan his or her government-issue ID, and a system takes it, ask for whom to meet and done. The concerned person gets the request, and the whole transaction takes place in less than a minute. This would be a great way to give visitors and the businesses a fresh, new way to exchange information.

Let’s see how you can create this:

  1. Leverage Technology

    With the incredible technological advancements within the last few years, including the increased adoption of automation, a seamless visitor registration is very much possible. As a business, you just need a great automation partner who can enable this for you.

    Whether you place an iPad for guests to fill out the forms or scan an ID using OCR (optical character recognition) device, everything that you desire for your visitor is possible.

  2. Don’t Rely on Humans for Manual Processes

    With automation in mind, businesses will not need an employee to look over the manual procedures. Visitors would be able to self-register themselves and fill in their details easily.

    Businesses could configure the forms and automated systems to provide alerts/notifications, predefined slots, meeting room bookings, etc. in a very simple way.

    Employees will be able to spend more time focusing on more fruitful, higher-value tasks.

  3. Enable Real-Time Tracking  

    With the desired technology in place, you could have real-time reports for anything a business may want to know, including who are all the visitors inside the office, how many people are waiting to come in, whether or not meeting rooms are free, etc.

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