Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have bank-level security. Your info is encrypted and stored only on your device. NameDrop Solutions never sees your info. Only you can share your info with a person or business. You also have the opportunity to hold back information if you wish. We are all about putting control of your information back into the hands of the owners, YOU.

You can already use it every time you need to send your contact info to someone. You can also use it with any businesses partnered with our app. Sign up for notifications when new businesses arrive.
You can use NameDrop anytime to share and receive contact info from others. It’s a great app to use when meeting someone for the first time and you’re exchanging info. Visit our NameDrop solutions blog for more ideas.
Each time you send information you can uncheck the boxes for information you want to withhold. It’s that simple. This video shows you how.
No. Only enter your info for the fields you choose. Learn More
No problem. NameDrop can send your contact information to anyone regardless of operating system, device or whether or not they have the app. See More.

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