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NameDrop enhances the trade show experience for event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees through paperless and automated solutions.

Event automation is the product of innovation, as it relates to traditional event management. These advancements enable event planners to automate the entire process of event management, from registration to event promotion and exhibitor-attendee feedback.

What Automation Can Do for Events

Hassle free Event Registration
Event Management Improvement
Survey Response Increment

The NameDrop app is hands down the best solution for trade show lead generation.

When you provide NameDrop to your vendors, you’ve made it easy for them to collect leads. You’ve taken the friction out of form filling and data sharing by giving exhibitors and attendees an automated, time-saving alternative.

NameDrop Benefits for the Trade Show Organizer

Registration & Survey Automation

View Data on One Platform

QR Code Functionality for Faster Data Sharing

Fewer Manpower Requirements for Event Management

Post-Event Analytics

Time Saved

How NameDrop Works for Exhibitors

Event Organizers Begin Partnership with NameDrop

By working with us, you’ll give your vendors a completely automated and improved way for lead collection.

Create a form for registration

Exhibitors receive login credentials to access NameDrop’s web application, where they can set up a form.

Select and Create Fields

Exhibitors can choose from a set of standard fields or add their own custom fields.

Print and display QR code(s)

Every form created comes with a QR code, where mobile users can scan the code to instantly fill out a vendor’s forms.

See the Data Instantly

Once attendees share their details, exhibitors can go to xtab to see the lead data shared in real-time.

Download Excel and CSV files of the data shared.

Optional: Share Event Data with Your Exhibitors

Give your exhibitors accurate leads instantly with any forms of data capture you’ve used with NameDrop.

How Trade Show Attendees Can Use NameDrop

Download the mobile app for free from the App and Play Stores.

Scan the QR code that is associated with with the exhibitor

User’s details auto-populate into the form

Press send!

Exhibitors can see the captured lead information on the web application

Quick connect to automate your next event!

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