Trade Show Services:

The NameDrop App Streamlines Lead Gathering at Trade Shows

Enjoy our short video that explains how a potential customer will use NameDrop to give you their information at your trade show booth. Then when you’re ready get the information you need to get started here.

Trade shows exist for businesses to gather leads and for consumers to find that perfect solution to their particular want or need. Trade shows are a win, win, except when it comes to the paperwork! Gathering leads should be an easy, seamless part of the trade show experience for you and for those who visit your display. Badge scanners were a great solution in their time, but now there’s a better way.

NameDrop is popular with meeting and trade show attendees because:

• The app is free for the meeting attendee
• A person fills out their info once to use over and over
• It’s earth-friendly and eliminates paper waste
• There’s no need to spell out a complicated name with the accompanying frustration
• It’s an impressive use of technology

Using the NameDrop app to share information securely, easily and instantly is the present and future in trade show services. With NameDrop, you create an electronic form requesting the info you need and maybe some info you’d just like to have. The interested person at your booth chooses what to share with you and clicks “send”. Since they filled out the info themselves, it’s going to be accurate. No need for your staff to decide if that scribble is an “s” or a “5” in their email address. The next day, you can communicate to that interested person and they’ll receive your message. The lead-gathering NameDrop allows is an ideal foundation on which to build a strong customer base.

Businesses and exhibitors love NameDrop because they:

• Easily collect leads in a digital format – no more manual data entry
• Can create digital forms
• It reduces lines at trade shows allowing for more interaction between the sales people and customers
• It delivers data into your existing CRM system error-free

NameDrop does not share your data with any third parties.

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