Trade show lead generation with NameDrop

Get Great Leads at Your Trade Show

Exhibitors Will Get Great Leads Easily at Your Trade Show

Exhibitors choose trade shows for one main goal: quality lead generation. We have a free mobile app that makes it easy for attendees to share error-free information with exhibitors in an instant, which means more people will share their info more frequently.

This will be music to the ears of your vendors, and you can make this happen for them without spending a fortune on badge scanners for trade shows.

Not only are badge scanners ridiculously expensive, but they capture a limited set of fields, which means attendees must still fill out extra info by hand. Add to that the fact that exhibitors still have to manually enter that data into their CRM and badge scanners are not the best solution.

It’s no secret that attendees don’t like filling out their details by hand over and over again, so at some point during the show, they’ll avoid giving out their info.

It’s also not a secret that exhibitors don’t like to do manual data entry – no one does! Sloppy and illegible handwriting on the forms results in worthless leads, and if that’s not the problem, typos from manual data entry are.

The NameDrop app is hands down the best solution for trade show lead generation. Here’s why.

When you provide NameDrop to your vendors, you’ve made it easy for them to collect leads. Have attendees download our free mobile app so they can tap their phone to each exhibitor’s sign to share their info instantly. Perk: vendors are not limited to one sign. If they have a bigger display area or simply want to collect data on those interested in different products and services, they can have multiple signs in multiple places to capture more leads!

Get error-free leads that contain more info.

Unlike the pricey badge scanners that only capture a narrow set of fields, NameDrop will capture all desired fields for your exhibitors!

Vendors want to know more about the attendees so they can market the right products and services to them. Perhaps they want to know more about their personal interests or work situation to personalize services. Whatever it is, the fields in NameDrop can be customized to get the desired data.

Before your show, your exhibitors provide a list of requested fields for their NameDrop form to us, and come the day of the event, it’s all set!

Shortly after the show, your exhibitors will receive the leads, saving them time from manual data entry and the typos that go with it!

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Lead Capture with NameDrop

Trade Show Exhibitors Will Embrace Lead Capture with NameDrop

It’s not a secret that lead capture is hard to get when using traditional pen and paper forms. An event conference app like NameDrop is a great value-add for your show. Your exhibitors will love it too, and they’ll hop onboard once they’re presented a clear picture of how much easier NameDrop will make their jobs.

To ensure your exhibitors get the maximum benefit from NameDrop, here are some helpful tips:

Build Awareness

As event organizer, you get to be the hero. Show them how easy NameDrop is and if you need talking points, we’re here to help.

  • When they sign up for your show, let them know that NameDrop is a trade show lead capture app that makes data collection easy. All the exhibitors have to do is place a NameDrop sign that will be provided to them prominently on their table so that attendees can tap their phone to the sign and share their info quickly. After the show, the exhibitors will get that (very accurate) data from NameDrop.
  • Even after exhibitors sign up for the trade show, remind them in your email updates that NameDrop is a complimentary service!
  • Though some people will have their own ways for lead collection, remind them that having an extra source to capture leads can only help them. There’s no downside!

Give Them Time

  • NameDrop is new to the scene, and people need time to become familiar with what the app can do for them.
  • Give them time to learn more and to answer questions. Send them to our website and social media channels for helpful videos.
  • A best-case scenario is when exhibitors come to your show fully aware of what NameDrop does and are looking forward to using the app to generate more leads.

Emphasize the Benefits

As you are providing a value-add in NameDrop, it’s in your best interest that the exhibitors take full advantage. Here’s a list of exciting benefits:

  • This is a mobile conference app that enables vendors to receive accurate data instantly.
  • There’s no need to rent those expensive trade show badge scanners when the mobile app is free for attendees to download and the NameDrop service is already offered to the exhibitor when they sign up for your show.
  • The exhibitors don’t have to do any extra work to collect leads. All they have to do is place the NameDrop sign on their table and let the attendees to tap their phones to the sign to share their info. They’ll never lose a lead.
  • That’s it!

If you need additional resources when introducing the app to the exhibitors, please refer to other sections of our website for helpful videos.

NameDrop app code concept

What is a NameDrop App Code

You just arrived at your favorite business establishment and they have some forms for you to complete. You see a sign with a NameDrop code on it. What is that and how does it make filling out the form easy for you? Watch the video and see how.

To share or not to share your data

I Don’t Want to Share

Hey, what if you don’t want to share all of the information you put into your NameDrop App?It’s okay not to share sometimes. See how quick and easy it is to suppress information in this video. With NameDrop, you’ll share only the info you want to share while the rest stays safely locked away on your device.

Trade show problems solved by NameDrop app

Top 3 Trade Show Problems Solved

Though the benefits of NameDrop, our multi-purpose trade show app, are clear, we sometimes encounter apprehension or the common “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” reaction. Here are the top three reasons for these responses and how NameDrop solves them all.

1. Exhibitors assume nothing is broken, when in fact it is broken.

The pen and paper routine might look like it’s worked over the years, but it hasn’t, and it has resulted in lost leads. Why?

  • Messy handwriting on the forms makes it hard to read, resulting in worthless data.
  • Manually entering data from the paper forms into a computer is inherently a time-wasting and an error-prone exercise.
  • An exhibitor becomes a victim of its own success. When so many people are at a booth, others are turned away who would’ve shared their info but didn’t because there were too many people crowding the area to fill out the form.

Using the NameDrop app does away with both the paperwork and the errors. Info is exchanged instantly and accurately.

2. Exhibitors associate something new with change, which means inconvenience.

NameDrop is a new way to capture leads its true, but there is no inconvenience. The convenience is realized when they see how it works.

3. Exhibitors reach a conclusion before seeing how NameDrop works.

Once they see how this app conquers form auto fill, plus how fast and easy it is to receive an accurate list of leads, they’ll wish they had had NameDrop all along. These event planners tell all. How does it work?

Event planners download the app (it’s free!) and have signs (provided by NameDrop) prominently displayed at every exhibiting booth.

The trade show attendees open the app, tap their phone to the exhibitor’s sign, and the form appears and auto-populates. Then, the mobile user releases their info, and the form is filled out instantly!


How to Autofill Forms by Tapping Phone to a Beacon Equipped Sign:

How to Autofill Forms by Typing in a NameDrop Code:

The uncertainty stems from a lack of familiarity, but one thing is certain with NameDrop: when the unknown becomes known, the skeptics become believers.

Resisting change may hurt your trade show.

A New Lead Retrieval Method

Is Resisting Change Hurting Your Trade Show? A New Lead Retrieval Method Can Help

Our lead capture app NameDrop will increase sales for your trade show vendors without the usual hassle associated with changing the way you do things. Seeing NameDrop turn from a concept into reality has been one of our greatest joys in 2017, and the positive feedback we’ve received from businesses who’ve used our app for conferences and used our app for events has us excited about the future. Here’s why it will be a joy for you too:

Our app is win-win. Your vendors’ potential customers will love it because NameDrop will autofill forms; your vendors will love it because they’ll receive quality data sent by the mobile user, and you’ll love it because you’ll be offering a value-add to your exhibitors without having to rent those pricey badge scanners.

There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain. Contact us today for more information on NameDrop, an unrivaled lead retrieval tool.

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Share info phone to phone easily

Can I Share My Info with Someone Who Doesn’t Have NameDrop?

Absolutely. See how easy it is to put select contact information into a friend or colleague’s device, even if they don’t have NameDrop (of course, if they don’t have it, they’ll want it!). Watch the video to find out how easy it is.

Get started with NameDrop today

Using NameDrop Without a Beacon

Want to get started before your beacon arrives?

It’s easy to get started right away reaping the benefits of using NameDrop app for your business. Watch the video to find out how.